Luxe Artisan Chocolates began with an early passion in desserts and premium chocolates. Owner and Founder, Daniela Mintenko, discovered her love for chocolate while growing up in Colombia. Being exposed to crops of cacao trees in her childhood and enjoying the simple pleasure of eating a fresh cacao bean instilled a unique perspective on the power of cacao and the many variations of chocolate that can be produced from it.

During her culinary training, Daniela developed a love for handcrafted desserts and focused her energy on perfecting not only artisanal ice cream but luxurious chocolate confections. Dandy’s Artisan Ice Cream was her first dessert concept, opening in Regina, SK in 2019, which highlights modern flavours from local and seasonal ingredients, Canadian dairy, and made-from-scratch inclusions. With her experience in the dessert industry over the last several years, Daniela is embarking on a new adventure that complements her initial dream of ice cream and taking it to a whole new level with handcrafted chocolates.

Daniela completed her Pastry Arts Diploma at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver and has invested the last several years training with some of the best chocolatiers in the world as she has refined her chocolate making skills. Daniela has surrounded herself with a highly skilled team to create the most outrageous, flavourful and colourful chocolate confections to indulge your deepest chocolate cravings. We take pride in the fact that each piece of chocolate is hand painted, hand piped and crafted from the finest ingredients. We believe in taking the time to create exquisite confections that are full of textures and rich flavours that bring chocolate making to a new era of extravagance.

Luxe Artisan Chocolates opened for business in February 2021. Stop by or order online to taste the difference of true artisan, handcrafted chocolates.


We take pride in our product and want to showcase the high-quality ingredients that we use. Our chocolates are made fresh daily using premium ingredients formulated specifically for artisanal chocolate making to help achieve intense flavours with outrageous textures and colours. Our creations are inspired by unique flavours from all around the world and being able to showcase staple desserts from a wide variety of countries and places. We use premium cocoa butter and ethically sourced chocolate to create colourful works of art with a lustrous shine to showcase our modern and beautiful bonbons.